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Rogue gameplay | France on Dorado
Together with France and the Uk confirming their Places in the Finals at BlizzCon, the Game between France and Poland Now was Mostly inconsequential. Nevertheless, with Poland sitting in 0-3, it had been an opportunity for them to possibly gain their first win of the weekend.

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Graviton Surge | Team Italy and U.K.
This did not change when they moved against Italy earlier now. The United Kingdom continued to seem dominant since they secured their place at BlizzCon.

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Netherlands against Poland
Team Netherlands vs Team Poland — the next to last game of the weekend, and one devoid of impacts in relation to who would progress to BlizzCon.

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OW WC | Overwatch World Cup quarterfinals
After the games were at the Overwatch World Cup Paris Group Stage Now, Soe and Malik Ran the Attraction on which teams will play each other in the World Cup Finals in BlizzCon in November.

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SoOn | Team UK: World Cup
France has walked away in the Paris Group Stage since the first seed from the group. Their game against the United Kingdom ended in a 4-0 success for these, but it was filled with high extreme plays. There was nothing much more sweet than the minute France took off all expect from Team United Kingdom in Temple of Anubis.

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Rascal in Shock primary roster
The San Francisco Shock have declared that Dong-jun"Rascal" Kim was promoted to the Shock's most important roster out of their academy group NRG Esports.

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Spitfire are going home
They are coming home! The London Spitfire have declared they will be making their first visit to London to pay a visit to the lovers in their home city .

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